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About Us

Meet Our Team!

Newtown Veterinary Clinic is wholeheartedly dedicated to delivering the best care for you and your beloved furry friends.
We understand that vet visits can be stressful, so we strive to create a welcoming and calming environment. Our friendly and compassionate staff are always ready to lend a helping hand, ensuring that your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional.
We take pride in going the extra mile to address any concerns and provide assistance throughout your visit. Whether it’s answering questions, offering guidance, or simply a friendly smile, our team is committed to making your experience with us a great one. Rest assured that when you choose our clinic, you’re choosing a team that genuinely cares about the well-being and happiness of your pets. We are here to provide the highest level of care and support, easing any worries you may have.

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Dr Belinda Haebich

Veterinarian (BVSc (hons))

Dr. Belinda graduated from Sydney University before joining our team in 2008, and becoming a director in 2011. Dr. Belinda brings a wealth of knowledge to our clinic, she has a profound understanding of animal behaviour, and is dedicated to providing personalised care that enhances the well-being of our furry friends.
When it comes to the well-being of your beloved pets, Dr. Belinda’s expertise and personalized approach set her apart as a veterinarian who genuinely cares and is dedicated to their health and happiness.

Dr Katie Stoeckel

Veterinarian (BVSc (hons))

Katie began her veterinary career in mixed rural practice before embarking on a journey of working and traveling abroad. Eventually, settling in Geelong as a dedicated small animal vet, and becoming a director at Newtown Vet Clinic in 2012.
As a general practice veterinarian, Katie finds immense fulfillment in building strong bonds with pets and their owners, witnessing their growth and well-being over time. She has a keen interest in surgery and orthopedics, and takes pride in assisting pet parents in caring for their elderly animals. Katie’s enthusiasm extends to teaching and mentoring junior staff, nurturing their growth and success within the veterinary industry.

Dr Jane Miller

Veterinarian (BSc, BVSc (hons))

Dr. Jane is a dedicated small animal veterinarian who approaches her work with deep care and affection for her patients and their owners.
Jane’s passion lies in general practice, where she thrives on building lasting connections with patients and their families. Additionally, she has a special interest in soft tissue surgery, particularly airway surgery in Brachycephalic breeds.
Jane’s commitment to providing the best possible care for her patients drives her dedication to staying current in her field.

Dr Karisha Splatt

Veterinarian (BVSc)

Dr Karisha is a compassionate veterinarian, who’s commitment to her patients extends beyond her professional expertise. She embraces the unique bond between pets and their owners, recognizing the importance of building trusting relationships with both. Her genuine love for animals shines through in her compassionate approach to veterinary medicine.
Whether it’s routine check-ups or addressing health concerns, Dr. Karisha is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of every furry member of your family. 

Dr Kelly Hedrich

Veterinarian (BSc, BVSc (hons))

Dr. Kelly is a dedicated veterinarian who graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2006. With over 17 years of experience, she has worked in various veterinary settings, including a mixed dairy practice and animal emergency clinics including Geelong Animal Emergency.
Dr. Kelly has a keen interest in medical cases, emergencies and animal behaviour. With her extensive experience and compassionate nature, she is committed to delivering top-quality care for your beloved animals. You can trust that Dr. Kelly will go above and beyond to ensure the health and well-being of your furry friends.

Dr Vicki Groves

Veterinarian (BSc)

Dr. Vicki grew up in Geelong before pursuing her veterinary education in Queensland, graduating from the University of Queensland in 2005.
As a skilled small animal veterinarian, Dr. Vicki possesses a deep interest in medicine and ultrasonography. Her dedication to providing exceptional care is matched by her kind and compassionate nature, making her a beloved professional among both pet owners and their furry companions.
Dr. Vicki’s diverse experiences and genuine love for animals make her an invaluable asset to the Newtown Veterinary team. 

Dr Jack Ayerbe

Veterinarian (BVSc)

Dr. Jack is the esteemed founder of Newtown Veterinary Clinic, bringing with him an impressive veterinary career that spans across the globe. His expertise and contributions to the field have earned him recognition as a published author, a well-known radio personality, and a key figure in the development of the groundbreaking anti-cancer drug, Stelfonta.
Despite his numerous accomplishments, Dr. Jack remains dedicated to providing exceptional care to his patients.

While he may have a busy schedule, he is still available for consultation by appointment.

Dr Sigrid Fraser

Veterinarian (BVB BVSc (Hons))

Dr Sigrid graduated from Charles Sturt University in 2022 and started her career in a mixed practice in Bathurst, NSW.
She has recently made the move to Geelong and joined the team at Newtown Veterinary Clinic in 2024. Sigrid has a keen interest in soft tissue surgery, also providing exceptional client communication skills, and a dedication to providing tailored care for families and their pets. Sigrid brings knowledge and experience far beyond her short career.

Dr Sigrid Fraser

Support Team


Practice Manager

Sarah works behind the scenes at Newtown Veterinary Clinic, as our Practice Manager. Managing the daily operations of the clinic and working closely with the team, Sarah ensures that the clinic operates efficiently by implementing policies and procedures and providing support to the staff.


Clinic Co-Ordinator

Carley started her career with us as a Vet Nurse, she has since joined the Management team in the role of clinic Co-Ordinator.
As a Clinic Co-Ordinator, Carley oversees the day-to-day operations of the clinic and staff, as well as ensuring that the clinic meets regulatory requirements to maintain high standards of animal care.


Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV)

Anna is a wonderful mentor to the nurse team, and works hard behind the scenes to ensure the hospital runs smoothly and our patients receive the best possible care. Anna is also a talented photographer and takes Pet Christmas photos and Puppy Pre-School student headshots.



Georgie started her veterinary nurse career in 2015, during this time she has developed a particular interest in surgical nursing and canine rehabilitation, completing a course in Canine Physical Therapy in 2020. 


Registered Veterinary Nurse

Heather obtained her training in Veterinary Nursing in the United Kingdom. Now a full time resident of Geelong, she is pictured here with her dog Niffy. Heather has a special interest in dentistry and welcomes the opportunity to discuss your pets oral health care needs.


Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV)

Nurse Jamie has been with us since she did a week of work experience in 2017. Since then Jamie has studied her Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing and is a wonderful Vet Nurse.  Softly spoken and always willing to help, Jamie is passionate about animal welfare and is dedicated to her career in the animal industry. 


Nicole joined the Newtown Vet Clinic team in 2023, and has been working as a veterinary nurse for four years. Her deep passion for animals began at a young age, leading her to pursue a fulfilling career in veterinary nursing. Nicole is dedicated to providing exceptional care for your furry companions.


Veterinary Nurse (Cert III)

Micaela is a highly skilled member of our team who has completed Certificate III in Animal Studies. Her passion for animal welfare is evident in her dedication to providing exceptional care to our patients. Micaela’s meticulous nature and keen eye for detail ensure that no aspect of their well-being is overlooked.


Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV)

Monique recently completed her Cert 4 qualification. She has a passion for animals with a background of volunteer animal and foster care. Mon is passionate about delivering the highest level of patient care, and is always happy to give pets lots of cuddles & pats.



Alison is ready to greet you and your pet with a warm smile and treats in hand. She goes the extra mile to make your pet’s experience at the clinic calm and positive. Her genuine care for our clients and their furry companions makes her an invaluable asset to our team.



Kate is a pivotal member of our Reception team, contributing her bubbly personality to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Kate ensures that every client feels valued and well taken care of, creating a calm and positive experience for your pet during their visit. 

Would you like to work with us?

Newtown Veterinary Clinic are always on the look out for qualified individuals to become part of our team. If you are passionate about pet care get in touch today