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It can be a daunting time knowing that your pet requires surgery, whether it be for a routine or a non-routine procedure. 
Newtown Vet Clinic offers a range of comprehensive tests to ensure the health and recovery of your pet is the best that it can be. If your pet does require surgery, rest assured, we offer the highest standard of care. Our staff will provide you with specific details when they recommend a surgical procedure for you pet. Below is some general information, please keep in mind this may not apply to your pet’s procedure.

Surgical Procedure Information

Health Assessment

The health of your pet is our priority. To ensure the well-being and safety of your pet, it is necessary for our veterinary team to complete a health assessment before scheduling any surgery. This assessment typically involves a thorough physical examination, reviewing your pet’s medical history, and possibly conducting additional tests. This process helps us gather essential information about your pet’s current health status and enables us to tailor the surgical plan to meet their specific needs. It ensures that the surgery is performed under the best possible conditions.

Leading Up to the Procedure

We want to ensure your peace of mind and comfort regarding the proposed procedure for your pet. We understand that all procedures come with inherent risks and benefits, which is why it is vital for us to help you fully comprehend why this surgery has been recommended and what potential complications may arise.
On the day prior to your pet’s surgery admission, you will receive a text message from Newtown Veterinary Clinic. This will outline the time to remove your pet’s access to food and water, ensuring they fast adequately before the surgery.  If your pet is on medication and you are not sure if you should administer it, please give us a call.
If you happen to notice any signs of illness or abnormal behavior in your pet, please let the clinic know.

Admission on Surgery Day

On the day of surgery a member of our veterinary team will guide the pet owner* through the process. There will be a number of questions about the pet’s health prior to admission, we will confirm the pet owner understands the nature and estimated cost of the procedure. Finally, we will have the pet owner read and accept our anaesthetic consent form.

*If the pet owner is unable to attend on the day, a representative can present the pet to the clinic. However they will be responsible for providing legal consent and accurate information about the pet’s recent health.

Pre-Anaesthetic Blood Testing

We provide the option of undergoing Pre-Anaesthetic Blood Testing on the surgery day. This test involves extracting a small blood sample that is analyzed by our in-house laboratory. The purpose of this test is to assess the following:

  • The suitability and dosage of medications employed during the procedure
  • The appropriate duration for a safe administration of anesthesia
  • The expected metabolism and elimination of the anesthetic medications
  • The ability to recover swiftly and without complications from the anesthesia

This comprehensive test can uncover any undisclosed or underlying health conditions that your pet may have.
Please note that additional tests may be recommended based on the specific circumstances of each case.

    After the Surgery

    Once the surgeon has finished your pet’s procedure a member of our Veterinary team will give you a phone call with an update. You will also be advised on the time that your pet can be collected to take home.
    On discharge, you will be advised on the aftercare procedure. We will then follow with a post-operative appointment at 10-14 days or earlier if required.
    If you have any concerns before your appointment, give us a call.