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Dental SPA



A Dental SPA Day at Newtown Vet Clinic involves a Scale & Polish and Assessment of your pets teeth.

Once the Vet has assesed the health of your pets teeth, we are able to book your pet in for a SPA. Under general anaesthetic we do a full mouth of radiographs and scale and polish the teeth. We chart the mouth and make a plan for any future oral surgery/extractions that may be required.

At Newtown Veterinary Clinic, we like to provide options to our clients. Dental disease can often be hidden beneath the gum line, making it difficult to assess its extent without radiographs. These X-rays allow us to accurately evaluate your pet’s oral health and determine the necessary treatments.

When we usually book your pet’s dental procedure, we send through an estimate of the costs as prices for oral surgery can vary. Your pet may require no extractions or multiple extractions, resulting in a wide range of potential costs. We understand that the uncertainty around costs can be concerning for many pet owners.
A Dental SPA means your pet has their scale, polish and assessment including radiographs first, this allows us to see if extractions are required, and we can schedule this next procedure for a few weeks time.
This saves you money as the radiographs and scale and polish are not repeated, the extractions are planned and a definitive dental cost provided for the procedure.

We will always call you during the procedure, to inform you of any teeth that need to be extracted and the associated costs. You will be able to make the decision if you would like to continue with the extractions at this time or schedule for a later date. This cost is in addition to the Dental Spa fee and priced based on oral surgery time.
Note-: we do not like to continue dental procedures beyond 2 hours. If the required oral surgery is extensive, then we will sometimes stage the procedure to ensure safety for our patients under anaesthetic.

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